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Im tearing apart a Mitsubishi Projection TV? Does anyone know if there are parts that need specific hazardous disposal? Answered

Im tearing apart a Mitsubishi Projection TV to recycle metal, circuit boards, etc. Does anyone know if the gel substance or part that says x-ray critical is hazardous. Can these items be thrown in the general trash?  Are there any other parts in a projection tv that need hazardous materials disposal?   Thanks, patty?


The exact rules differ depending on where you are. Check your own town's rules.

In an increasing number of places, NO electronics can be thrown in the general trash. Solder usually contains lead. The CRT tubes are an implosion hazard unless vented in a very specific manner.

Around here, we are strongly encouraged to take electronics to designated recycling centers, and TVs in specific require purchasing a $50 disposal license (though some stores may offer to dispose of your old set as part of selling you a new set).

Disposal? Well I think that's your first mistake right there.  According to legend, the Sioux, of the Great Plains, part of the former United States now, were able to utilize every part of the buffalo carcass in some way.  To throw any part of it away would be an insult to the Great Spirit.  

This is the way also with your Mitsubishi projection TV.  Every part of it is useful for something.  I'm sure there are parts of that TV that can be clothing, or shelter, or utility, or education, or something...

BTW, that x-ray warning is only relevant while the TV is actually running.  A TV is naturally more dangerous when it's running... much like the buffalo.