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I'm thinking of re-donig my room and covering one wall in blank CDs. How should i make them stick? Answered

I'm thinking of re-donig my room and covering one wall in blank CDs. So that the CDs make kind of like a mirror on the wall opposite my window. I was thinking glue dots but i don't know if that would come off of an unpainted wooden wall. How should i make them stick?


 hot glue = forever duct tape or tape or even a curtain like setup would work also

If you want it to be permanent then you need to use hot glue.

Glue Dots will work, as long as you use either the Removable Glue Dots or Poster Glue Dots. They can be found at Office Max, Walgreens, or Office Depot and come in a really handy applicator now.

Use those 3M Command Strips. They hold well and pull cleanly off nearly any surface.

There was a stick-on CD holder you could buy. Little foam circles with adhesive backing that were cut to just the right size for the centre hole of the CD. Im forgetting the name, but check your office supply store or search online.


9 years ago

rubber cement or hot glue if you are looking for something more permanent. otherwise the double sided foam tape would work well

Ordinary Blu-Tac ("poster tack" in the US?) should do the job well. Or you could push thumb-tacks through the centre hole. Or dots of hot-glue. It just depends on how permanent you want it, and how much damage you can get away with on the wall.