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I'm thinking of starting paintball, and I need paintball marker suggestions Answered

I'm thinking of staring paintball, and I need suggestions for a paintball marker. I'm thinking of buying either a Tippmann A-5 or a Tippmann X-7 paintball marker, and I need advice on which one I should get, and if there are any specific upgrades that are a reasonable price that would increase the accurcy, reliability, comfort of holding, etc. that I should purchase. If you don't like my choice of markers, than I would be more than happy if you could recommend a marker in a similar price range to these two markers, that has better preformance. Any help is welcome.  


what is your budget if you don't mind me asking

The max would be around $300 for a really good gun


8 years ago

 no pumps! thats a big thing cause you have to pump between shots. you can start with just a average pistol and you can do amazing add ons my friend turned his pistol into a full out sniper rifle