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I'm trying to build a frame out of super unistrut channel. Answered

I basically building a frame of a little house so that I can attached shade cloth to the top to shade my bonsai trees from the hot sun. I live in Texas and its hot! Also in the winter I'm going to but plastic on it and make it a greenhouse. I need something I can take apart and something that the wind isn't going to tear up. I have one made out of PVC pipe right now but the wind is picking away at it.


If you already have access to surplus Unistrut, it is great for this. You'll need four (or eight, if you're paranoid) Hilti anchors to attach to your concrete pad. Otherwise, just a load of connectors and Uni channels will definitely do the trick.

Having said all that,the stuff is obscenely expensive. Superstrut (a knock-off version) is slightly cheaper, but not much. If you're having trouble with PVC, you might look online for commercial products, and use them as "inspiration" to reinforce your design. PVC is definitely the cheap way to go.


9 years ago

I would build using metal pipe, and then use cement blocks on the corners to hold it down.