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I'm trying to find a simple 365 project... any ideas? Answered

I have sewing, drawing, baking, photography, general crafting, and painting skills.
I have some experience with crocheting, knitting, woodworking, gardening, writing, and scrapbooking.
I like history (specifically American Revolution, Napoleonic Era England & France, and Victorian England & America), art (Impressionists are high on my list), anime and manga (although I'm still new to it), and science fiction.
I don't know if I'm looking for one project to do every day for a year, or a "genre" of projects so I can mix up my weeks.
I don't have a ton of funds to pour into this, but I have a lot of supplies for the things I mentioned above.
Any help in narrowing down ideas would be greatly appreciated... I feel like I'm drowning in ideas and don't know where to swim.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Start by writing all of your projects down somewhere.

Maybe index cards so you can arrange them and re-arrange them as need be.  You might be able to find a shareware program to help you keep track of all your ideas.  Getting them down will keep you from forgetting them and a month from now what seemed a good idea my not seem so good then.

Then decide how and what manner you want to do them.

You might include a quick estimate of time and money required so that you can quickly pick one that is appropriate for the day.

Thanks for the "flash card" idea!
I've decided not to be completely insane, and am now working on a 52 project... since one project a week is still plenty of projects and enough time to do them.
Hopefully, I'll get some 'ibles to post from this too.

I think one a week is still an impressive goal.

Good luck.