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Im trying to find the 0v HV pinout of my flyback yet i dont have access to an ohm/ voltage meter.I dont know what to do Answered

. the model is a sampo FEC061 pulled from an old toshiba CRT monitor. thanks greatly to any one who can help it is much appreciated.



Best Answer 8 years ago

The quick and easy to find the ground pin of the flyback transformer is to power up your flyback (assuming you have a driver) and bring the HV wire close to the pins - The pin that the arc is most attracted to is the ground pin. That is how I normaly do it :)

when put 0v to pin 8 the voltag is 9.4

is this right or no

when put 0v to pin 8 the voltag is 9.4

is this right or no

I would be loath to consider fiddling around inside a tv without some form of DMM/voltmeter.

Here's my overtly parental advise. Do nothing until you have proper equipment. 

yeah, your probably right, its just that I am lacking the necessary funds right now to buy one, after all im just a standard yr 12 high school student

fwiw, a dmm can be purchased for less than $20

thankyou everyone for the help it is greatly appreciated

thanks for the site but i dont have access to an ohm meter