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I'm trying to make something for my boys with several buttons, where each button plays a specific sound effect. Answered

Any ideas on best way to do this?



Best Answer 6 years ago

A very easy way to do it is by using the mp3 trigger from sparkfun. You only have to solder the buttons to the board and add a microsd with the sounds.

I used it for a project with buttons and soundeffects and it works great. You can us upto 18 external buttons.

You can use a PICAXE microcontroller there will be 4 buttons and each button when pressed sounds a melody.

The Code---------
main:if pinc.4 = 1 then main2
if pinc.3 = 1 then main3
if pinc.2 = 1 then main4
if pinc.1 = 1 then main5
goto main

main2:play 0,0
pause 2000
goto main

main3:play 0,1
pause 2000
goto main

main4:play 0,2
pause 2000
goto main

main5:play 0,3
pause 1000
goto main

Use a 555 timer as an oscilator and use different resistors in series with different switches (buttons). It will be like an electronic piano.

Do you want to choose the sound or will any sound do? Are these natural sounds or bleeps.

What is your skill level witth electronics.

Where in the world are you so we know what you can access easily

Time scale