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I'm undecided about my next project. ROV, Road Robot, Go-Kart, or CNC Mill? Answered

 I am interested in getting feedback from people on instructables, because, I need to narrow my focus down on a single upcoming project. My ideas are an underwater ROV, a four-wheeled high-speed robotic platform, a normal ride-on go kart, or a CNC mill. All of these ideas are projects for which I've been marshaling resources, and now the resource I'm lacking is the time (and cash) to do them all. So, what are you guys more interested in?

Also, feel free to suggest projects you want to see that I haven't mentioned. You can check out my existing 'ibles to see what I've been working on lately, to gauge my abilities, if that helps.



Best Answer 8 years ago

I vote for the CNC mill.  But that's just cause I'd really like to have a CNC mill.

Building one would involve the use of skills in several different areas.  Electronic, metal working, etc.

 Well, I do have a CNC gantry table in the works, but right now it's got... issues. However, it might be the easiest project to finish up and publish here.

Merge the ideas to create novelty:

ROV + ride-on = mini-submarine or diver's scooter.

robot platform + go-kart = autonomous wheel-chair.

 Yeah, the Robot-you-can-ride might be the best route. I would just need to solve some more issues to do that, and buy more parts.


8 years ago

Well, they're all good ideas but I suppose it boils down to: Which one could you use the most? 
An ROV sounds cool but then you need a way to transport it and somewhere to use it.  That robotic platform thing sounds interesting but what then?  Go-karts are awesome to play with and a CNC mill will allow you to make more things.

Difficult choice really, but I'd say go for the go-kart.  But make a serious one.  You know, see if you can't get an old GSXR or CBR motor.  Something with major power. 

That'll be interesting!

 Well, I live a few miles from a Lake and I have a pickup truck, so I would have a place to play with an ROV, but, people who have swimming pools as a test bed are better equipped to do the real hands-on trial and error with an new ROV.

As for a high-power kart, those motors are pretty expensive, and then you need lots of structural support as well. Anyway, I do have a 5hp Briggs and Stratton, ready to bolt on, as well. And some wheels that'd work nicely. What I don't have is a frame or any other hardware :(

Hhhhmmmm, so an ROV is plausible, nice! 

Well, you could always nab a shopping trolley.  Hack off the top cage and viola, frame!  That motor will be great but do look out for accident bikes / scrapped bikes.  If you can find a quad with some rear damage, then you have a motor and steering assembly, for cheap.

 There are already several ROV and CNC projects on here, so I would say go-kart or road robot.  My guess is you will get more response out of something that is perceived to be a "fresh idea".

 Thanks! There are also other Go-Karts and even other on-road robots on here, too, though. Actually, almost everything has been done before, at least once, but maybe I should see which there is less of on this site.