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Image Problems Answered

Hey everyone, I just joined today. I was working on my first instructable, I tried to uplad an animated gif I made showing what it does. Well the gif is bugging out, and I can't figure out how to delete it from my library. So two questions: 1. Can animated gif's be uploaded somehow that won't mess them up? 2. How can I delete things from my library? PS: Is this the right place to post this?


Ok, we rolled back to an earlier version, and the image uploads now work again.

um im new and im trying to make my 1st instructable but when i try to upload an image it says that theres an error wut should i do?

We're having some problems with the image library right now. Uploading images directly to an Instructable appears to work, but not to your image library itself. We're working on it. Sorry for any frustration.

Things seem to be worse than that; I'm also unable to submit bugs, or new forum topics... It looks like adding comments to an exsiting form still works.

Yeah, I just found those too. Definitely a problem on our end.


11 years ago

Same here. When I try to upload, I get an error, undefined 40, whatever the hell that is.

i don't have a cure but i can no longer upload anythig :(