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Image issues on Instructables right now Answered

We're having some issues with the images right now. Don't worry, we're on it and things will be back to normal soon.


The comments problem is still persisting, until I got a workaround I had to email info at instructables.com as I couldn't even report an error...

I found that lebowski's makeshift fix worked for comments too. ;-) -That was yesterday, it seems to be fine now

How come I can't see the whole full sized image? I want to print out this one too. :-)

Now I need the one that is on my forum topic about Yosemite..

Ha! I went to the HQ on Sunday. Good thing that didn't happen. And Eric is posting your images in the newsletter. Yes, I asked. ;-)

hehe, robot looks like he's stop scoffing muffins. :-)


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Woah.. ll.13 is four and a half hours in the future! I mean, it's all relative because it's lunchtime here and time and space are relative anyway, but the forum is telling me your last post was -270 minutes ago


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Ohh! my experiment worked!!! Time travel is possible!!!! =)

yes, Ive seen this 5 times already

Can you fix this problem When you hover over a picture, it tells you the actual name of the picture and all of the tags the user named it. Problem is, this gets in the way when you are trying to read the little yellow boxes.

Can you send a screenshot? I'm not seeing this issue.

Hmm. It was doing it this morning, but now it's not. Well, problem solved.

Wait, it is doing it, but only sometimes. It won't let me get a screenshot, either. It's doing it in both Firefox and IE.

We're looking into it. Thanks for testing in both IE and Firefox!

I can't start any forum topics!

I started one, but can not find it, except on my home page :-)

If you're having problems, try shift+reload page. That should fix any issues.