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Image upload still wonky Answered

So this weekend is shot with the image uploader having problems uploading and the problem continues.  On various systems(XP,IE and firefox, new and old uploader) I get the 302 error after the upload wait and now the server maintenance message. I am sure this is discouraging to anyone trying to work on an instructable, especially new members that want to contribute to the slew of contests.  I hope it gets resolved soon or else some instructables like the one below will be on a summer hiatus.


Where's my puppet...?


Well I asked for that (literally). But don't you have any black...?


Sorry, I am still figuring out what to do with another yard and a half of yellow robo-fleece that was leftover from other instructables.

Ha ha, hmm. "Yello-robotise" something. Probably not a toaster, or TV but something like that. Fridge-door?


Oh and if you ever put that in front of a TV and video it, use hard-metal or electro- or something...


I've said it recently, but I must say it again;


(You're right about the wonkiness - it is also delaying the delivery of freshly-drawn patches.)