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Images in the Instructions Answered

To whom this may concern, an administrator or another customer/user of this site,

I have a free account, and i know that i can't do things like download pdf's, though i didn't have a problem going through each page and read online, though now, i'm unable to see the multiple images concerning each section of instruction pertaining to the demonstration of the instructions,

My questions is: has the free account been demoted by taking away the image viewing privileges?


i update some pics, but failed, who can solve this,
my pics too large ?

There are a number of users who are experiencing this problem. The staff is aware of it, and is working on getting a fix implemented soon.

If you would like to add your comments and information about the system you're using (i.e. Windows/Mac, Firefox9/Safari5.1) you may do so HERE on this existing bug report. When a fix becomes available, there will be an update posted there as well.

This problem is discussed here : "https://www.instructables.com/community/thumbnails-wont-enlarge/"

I have solved deabilitating adblock for instructables.

Sorry for my poor english