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Implementing astable multivibrator using transistors Answered

Hi guys!

So i wanted to construct a basic astable multivibrator using two transistors, so that i can demonstrate a friend its working. The basic circuit according to me is something similar to the file i attached. So can it be implemented practically without any problems or any modifications are required? I will mostly be using a 220-12 v transformer along with a rectifier and a filtering capacitor as the power source. My load will mostly be a few LED's.

Although i wanted to show him using 555, i think it would be better if i show him the basic circuit first. I will show him the 555 version later. (Although i ran out of components this week including 555, and i can only get them next month :P)


Put the LEDs where R1 and R4 are, with appropriate current limiting resistors.

Yes that is my plan exactly. So i can implement them, no issues right?

For some reason, i am not able to upload the image, so here is the link: