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Important message to all my subscribers :) Answered

Feel free to add me as a friend on there too, and I check my YouTube inbox more frequently than my instructables inbox :)

Yes, I am spending more time as of right now making my YouTube site the best it can be. No, I am not quitting instructables, and my Lowney account will continue to post new content as often as I can!

If the embed code doesn't work, please click this link



The only reason I got my channel to where it is now is because of ibles. When I posted my first video, I would have never gotten the first 6 subscribers and thousands of views if I had never embedded the video on Instructables. It looks about the same for you, just find a way to get videos in and you'll rack up the views.


It seems that a few iblers who have 'left' actually went to youtube instead, when they could have shared the vids here and racked up the views, because, let's face it. being a youtube user is like being a needle in a haystack.


7 years ago


Lol, you argued with yourself.


Dammit! Just as I come back to Instructables...

I'm still going to be on instructables, but I use my YouTube channel even more frequently, and also post stuff that I can't post on instructables :)

I'll check it out, it's a shame my Youtube's so intermitant with its working!

When Is your assault rifle gonna be posted?
Soon, I hope!

It will be within the next 2 months, because I'm very busy and the rifle itself is underneath a load of other stuff, but it will come one day :)