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Impossible to identify microcontroller? Answered

So I took apart a remote control for a cheap helicopter. There is a 14 pin microcontroller on board. Unfortunately it looks like any other 14 pin IC out there and there are no markings on it. Is there anyway to identify possibilities. For example if I mapped where each pin goes on the PCB. Luke pin one goes to the LED's, pin 2 goes to the joystick, etc. Is there any way to "read" the chip to figure out what it might be?


There are ways of figuring out what it is but you would need to know how to do it and have the right equipment. Just knowing what pins go where isn't enough. Any number of different ICs could have a similar configuration. You wouldn't be able to re purpose it for anything more then what it was originally made for. Chances are it's a custom IC that isn't reprogrammable.

that's kind of a bummer. I was hoping since it's a cheap toy they might have used an off the shelf IC.

oh well at least there are a bunch of other things I can harvest from it.

other cheap ICs! :)

But seriously, no numbers or anything? Thats crazy... Whats the model of the remote or manufacturer?