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Improving Instructables in general Answered

I was wondering if you could make it possible to search for different instructables by putting in the materials you had... Do you think you could make that possible?


If people used their keywords properly, that would be possible now.

Putting materials in tags could cause problems. E.g. if people are searching for stuff made from tape, they'll be annoyed to get a lot of hits for things made with tape amongst other things. Ditto LED projects and projects with LEDs in them.


That's why I said properly - I woould not expect to see "glue" in the keywords of a project about collages, but I would expect to see it in the keywords of an instructable about injection moulding with hot-glue.

I agree, but the original question was about searching for Instructables by materials (used). If people used keywords properly as you describe, it would not be "possible to search for different instructables by putting in the materials you had" and get a useful result. L

Why not? If you searched for bamboo, paper you would turn up chinese lanterns, decorative screens, kites etc.

How hard would it be to have an extra column in the dbase for each ible 'materials' - so its set in stone, and have pick boxes - they'd be general from art supplies, paper, metal, circuits, etc...

I have no idea. There has been no Management input to this thread - maybe if somebody asked Rachel?

 hmm i guess working on pro features takes more priority to general improvement. alas money is what comes first. :/

You're thinking that the "create" form would have a materials box?
This could give you a searchable catalogue: "hot glue" "Duck Tape(R)" "Solder - resin core" "other". You'd then have an option for "other Instructables also used (a similar set)"?


Yeah, or something like tags that was separate for materials

A set of tick-boxes perhaps? Glue, tape, wood, paper, metal, PVC tubing - ? L

yeah but alot broader. cuz if i found a bunch of previously desk wheels, and i searched wheels now, ending up with: How to make internet on wheels (kind of relevant), ab wheel, wheel of destiny, rolling wheel, wheel chair and wii wheel all irrelevant

You could add a materials list feature to the instructable creation page. Like this.

ibles materials.bmp

Like we were discussing earlier? (See comments lower down) L


9 years ago

I like the idea and I guess it is definitely possible, something similar to tags or keywords.

Yes, and if I understand Kiteman correctly, one should probably put some if not most of his major components in the keyword box.

that would make sense. It wouldn't be only for materials but it would still show up in a search. Is there an admin or something that can send a message to everyone saying to put the major components as keywords?