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Improving search on Instructables Answered

We're doing another round of improvements to the Instructables search engine. The previous round was here. Help us make it better!

Are there search terms or queries that just don't seem to work? Can you provide links or specific examples? Here's an example (that's really been frustrating me):
search for:
how to play tennis

Can you find others?




10 years ago

Might not be very related, but I don't think it's fair to add keywords to iBles that are of popular ones that have nothing to do with your project, just to feed off of the views obtained by doing so.

. I don't use the search much, but here's my two cents:
. The present search should work well for "most of the people, most of the time" so why change it? Add an Advanced Search link/button for those that need the features that Patrick, et al have mentioned.
. If the + and - operators (a la Google) are not available, I think they would be a most valuable addition.


10 years ago

Compound queries would be really nice - I don't think those are supported, unless that's a well-hidden feature. For example, you may want to search for something a specific person said, containing a specific keyword, sometime last year, in either an instructable comment or forum comment. You could have an advanced search page, where you could enter author, keywords, date, etc, plus check boxes for which parts of the site you want to search.

make out... middle of first page how to make out... elsewhere?


Also I think we should still have the "WE MADE IT" and "WE LIKE IT" part. Here is the concept picture.


You know that categorizes. Well on the left side of the page there should be a browse by categorize. the would be cool. Here is a quick mock up of what I thought it would look like. ( This is really crappy looking sorry.)