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In Add Comment bockWhat is the meaning of " FEATURE COMMENT FLAG"and What Author has to do on that comment? Answered

On some project reader writes some comment
and at the bottom there is a remark" FEATURE COMMENT FLAG"
and then small block "REPLY" in Red color

What Author has to do , What is the meaning of that



If you have a favourite comment on your project, you can "feature" it, by clicking the flag


Best Answer 6 years ago

If you click "feature comment", the comment is "stickied" at the top of the thread, and no more replies can be made to it.

If you do not like a comment, because it is spam, or in some way "not nice", then you click the "flag" button to ask the site staff to remove it.

Right, but you don't click feature comment flag to say it's "not nice", there's another thing that just says "flag" for that.

(I know that's what you said Kiteman, but the wording could have been confusing)