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In Windows 7, You Can Send Feedback on Anything - YES, ANYTHING. Answered

I guess MS is pretty serious this time.


'The Send Feedback Application has quit, do you wish to send microsoft some feedbaack regarding this problem'

On a serious non flaming windows note, i have played around with 7 a little, and its basically everything they promised vista would be, it still a few years late though.. and it wont be out for a few more years.

Ironically enough, it is what Vista was supposed to be. They weren't finished with it before thier deadlines, so they hurried up and released Vista. Windows 7 is what was actually supposed to be out when Vista was released.

Won't be out for a few more years? My good man, 7 is supposed to come out this summer, from what I have heard!

Are you serious? But XP (CMIIW) came out in 2002, that means that Vista should have come out only 2 years later. However, what actually happened was a string of XP MCEs were released, 2003, 2004, and 2005 eds (again, CMIIW). Then Vista came out in 2006, and now 7, if all goes well, should come out later this year. 3 years between releasing an OS isn't that bad IMHO.

wikipedia says it was supposed to be in 2003 (well microsoft did then release oses very fast . . 98 2000 ME XP. they also planned and cancelled Neptune that was supposed to be like 2000 home edition) 3 years may be acceptable or not depending on lots of stuff i remember myself using windows 98A on my 1999 computer up to 3.5 years ago (that should be 6 years) now i often install from cvs when i look for the newest stuff for my computer for a workstation or server 3 years and constant updates are perfect

haha, 11010010110 has a very good point. Having said that, windwos 7 is what vista should have been...

i dont think itll be that late. the beta screenshots seem pretty functional meanwhile i am enjoying every minute on my kde 4.2. an awesome desktop


9 years ago

Argh, I really need to get around to installing my copy. I'm just too lazy this week.

Let me save you some hassle by recommending that you make sure that your computer is Windows 7 "compatible" - I jumped into the 7 bandwagon and found out that I needed some 3rd party drivers, and I still haven't been able to find sound drivers that'll work for me yet.

does it take much more resources when run from xp in virtual ?

I haven't even ran an OS as a VM before, so I'm not sure :-/ If you have ran an OS as a VM before, just base it off that for a guess.

Thanks! I'll check that out. I bet I'm compatible though. My computer is pretty new.

All the same, do a google search of " running windows 7" or something to that effect; read up and make sure other ppl have gotten all their drivers working etc. Oh, BTW, I JUST reverted to XP... And when I checked my forum post on another site, someone had replied with the sound drivers I needed. Gah.

Can you send feedback on one's last feedback ? ;-)