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In a capacitor bank for a coilgun, must all the capacitors have the same farads and voltage? Answered

I am wanting to create a coil gun, however I accidently picked up two polorid disposible cameras. Now, I have 5 330v and 120uF capacitors, and 2 330v 80uF capacitors. Will this work, and what will be the voltage and amperage going through the coil?


Only the voltage in a capacitor bank must be the same as long as you hook up the capacitors in parallel, i.e. positive to positive and negative to negative. The current going through your coil will be based primarily on the properties of your coil.

I think you can, but the lowest voltage capacitor becomes the limit of the bank. Once you figure out the arrangement of capacitors, calculate the total capacitance for charging.

it as it is wouldn't work. you could, however, make it work by charging the capacitors through different resistors with different Ohms. you may need to play round with that.