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In making a guitar pick-up, do the wire that is winded around the bobbin need to be insulated? or they don't have to be? Answered

I am trying to make a guitar pick-up. At the moment, I couldn't get my hands on a 48 gauge wire so I just used a 20 gauge wire from the dollar store and I don't think its insulated (I just want to try it out first and see if it works, its the first one I'm making anyway _ ). So my question is does the wire need to be insulated or not?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Yes it needs to be insulated, otherwise you just end up with a big donut of metal. You want thind copper with a thin coat of lacquer (it's commonly orange, or red, but can also be blue) L


9 years ago

ok thank you!! just wondering, but do u guys know the difference in the sound produced by the pick up if i used a thin and a little bit thicker wire?

This is a good question. I do not believe that you have to have the wire's be insulated, but they can be if you wish. I don't think it makes much of a difference. I could be wrong and they have to be insulated, but I would doubt that they have to be uninsulated.