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DO the treats have to be food,i have an awsome instructable i can do,but you cant eat it.Though it can still be a treat to some one special to you.


Hot-glue a cookie to the side?

either that or hot glue the contraption to the top of a box of chocolates.

The first page of the How to enter page reads thusly: Valentines Day is almost here and one of the best ways into anyone's heart is with a tasty, sugary treat. Chocolates, mints, cookies, cupcakes, and many other sweets are fantastic ways of saying that you care. We want to see what you make for that special someone!

Share your best recipes and candy displays

I interpret this to mean, either food or a method of displaying food....


9 years ago

I say give it a shot and leave it up to the judges to decide, the more entries the better!

If it is awesome in its own right, I would at least create and publish your instructable in the meantime. You can always add it to the contest and let the moderators decide later on if it can be entered. Is it at all food-related? It may squeak in because of that. Good luck.