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In need of help. What can I do to make my craft project better and more popular? Answered

I had recently made my own school bag out of some, of my excessive amount, of scrap fabric, took pictures of its creation, and then added it to instructables.   I have minimal views and no comments. I feel that I have done something wrong in making it or showing how I made it.   Can someone give me advice on how to make this better for future references.  I know it is entered in the back to school contest but I am not trying to make myself win now, since I messed up.  I just want to fix it for later.

This is the school bag.


I am trying to get a hold of some canvas I can work with. Then I will create another one. I'm gonna put less stuffing in it and make the strap a little wider as well. I'm not too entirely sure how I could improve the photo quality though, I no longer have the original camera I used for this, and the one I own now, is rather cheap. I'll keep your suggestions in mind. Thanks for the advice!

You didn't mess up. It was your first attempt and at least you are asking for advice to help you improve.These are my own observations and are intended as encouragement which we all need from time to time.
Whilst your overall instructable was ok. I believe that the first image of your bag is not "cool" or attractive enough to make people want to look any further. The fabric seems inappropriate for the job, too light- weight, a bit like quilters use. The bag was very rumpled and whilst a good "practice" piece perhaps you could refine it next time.
A firmer fabric would work better and wear better too.

Remember crafters want to be wowwed by how easy, or how different, or just what they are looking for. Only then will they look at how it was done. I hope you get lots of good ideas from members. Good luck.

Thank you. I might redo it in something such as canvas. If I want the same pattern I could sew fabric on the outside of the canvas in a pattern maybe.

You're welcome!

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I hope it is just that simple and that I didn't make a complete mistake. I wonder since that seems like a simple fix if I couldn't just change those little things now, or should I just wait 'til after the contest?

You can change what you like whenever you like. That's what the edit function is for.

> Email it to people.

> Change the title - people do not search for abbreviations like "w/"

> Rewrite the introduction to include phrases like "make a messenger bag" and "make a laptop bag".

(Hints courtesy of Jayefuu)