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In need of piezo Answered

Anyone knows where I can get piezo? At my local electronics shop the aren't any. I am trying to look for them but won't appear, any guess where?


Generally everything that makes some beep sound, single beeps or beepy melody, has them. Go to thrift shop and look at all the things til you see something that you know makes a bit annoying sound at some occasions.

For example:
Simpler kind of alarm clock, digital watch with alarm, a landline phone (not too fancy).
And TOYS, almost everything that has batteries and makes sound.

Ebay has loads, dirt cheap.

You could salvage one from a non-working smoke alarm or C02 detector. Last resort is to pull the little beeper from your PC. Good luck.


6 years ago

You could try the local thrift shop--the old cheapo handheld games that go bloopblopbleep usually have a piezo speaker inside...

You mean like the cheap tetris version?