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In order to get admitted to MIT do you need to have Physics in your GCE A'Level? Answered

Can you kindle let me know what are the subjects you need to keep in your IGCE O'Level and in GCE A'Level.


Go to MIT and look at their requirements.  Even if I was admitted this year next year might be different. 

If you're going to take our word for the MIT admissions requirements, then you probably are not MIT material.  Sorry.

Good luck anyway.

um thx alot i looked at their requiremetns there sed u need physics two courses so um nt sure wat dey actually meant

In the other copy of this question, I posted a pointer to their page specifically for international applicants. I believe that answers this question.

If you need more details, contact the school and ask. They won't reject your application just because you had some questions.

Thank you very much
i didn't know they don't have pharmacy
i guess i will try something else like the biological engineering or genetic engineering,etc,i love biology.
Thanks again take care.