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Inappropriate Users or Bots Answered

We have created this topic for users that cheat, steal, spam, drop viruses, etc. The topic is also for those who are reporting users as bots, or users that are computer generated and carry out tasks that they are (often maliciously) programmed to do. We posted this topic on account of a bot user known as N-Factor. This bot has gone around Instructables in Computer software guides and has dropped the same virus over six times.


Rather than post a forum comment, please report spammers and spam-bots directly to HQ.

Either email them at service@instructables.com or send a PM to one of the staff, probably Randofo.

(Most spambots get caught by Robot most of the time, but occasionally it needs a human being to notice and report them.)

Already being dealt with by HQ - apparently that's a bot that attacks the site several times a day, but is usually kept at bay by the filters.

Spammers and bots should be reported directly to HQ for a rapid response, rather than left as a mention in forums.


9 years ago


If you have any problems with false or inappropriate users, report them here.