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Incandescent to LED torch mod? Answered

All the LEDs I have seem to have not so good throw. (Even my 3 watt luxeon is outmatched in throw by a 1.2-ish watt incandescent  torch), so I was wondering how I coud increase an LED's throw. I noticed that the light from the globe was not very bright, but seeing as how it throws light in all different directions, it probably gave off just as much, if not more, light; probably why the reflector was there. So I figured that if I got a bunch of LEDs, then put them into a torch, pointing them to the side at the reflector, the throw of the light would be greater than if I just pointed the LEDs forward, right?



Best Answer 8 years ago

No reflector is 100% perfect.  The reflector in most reflector telescopes is at most maybe %95 effective.  And that's for a perfect mirror.

Your torch reflector may only be 50% reflective so you're going to loose half of your light when it hits the reflector.


8 years ago

Wht don't you get hold of (borrow) an led torch and see how it is set up?