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Inclined Circular Column Formwork? Answered

Hi everyone,

I would appreciate it if someone can help me with this. I was looking for how to pour inclined circular reinforced concrete columns. When a circular column is straight, its base is a circle but when the column is inclined, its base is more to be oval. How can I place the formwork, how can I estimate the base of the column and how can I pour it. I would appreciate any sources regarding this issue!

Thank you fro your attention to my request!


i need some photos or video for create inclined circular column formwork ?

To pour a column you need a form. If your in the US Home Depot or Lows caries large cardboard tubes meant for pouring concrete columns. If it needs to be at an angle then cut the tube off at that angle. Brace the tube with some 2x4s so it stays standing at the desired angle and make your pour. Probably be a good idea to put a re-bar cage in the form to help reenforce the concrete. If the column needs to be free standing when it sets you'll want to our a foundation with re-bar sticking out. Then you can wire the column's cage to that foundation's re-bar. The base can be the same diameter but you'll want it to be set into the ground no less than half as deep as the column will be long.