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Increase The Quality of Sound off of a Camcorder? Answered

A friend of mine asked me to film a music video featuring his new song. The thing is, I'm a video guy, not an audio guy. Heck, I had a hard enough time obtaining high quality professional music! So, do any if you know how to increase the sound quality of a Cannon FS10? I'll even take a "let me Google that for you," as I'm pretty bad at searching. :P

If anyone's interested, this is the video he wants to improve (he's not happy with his mom's recording).



Best Answer 8 years ago

Record the video and then record the music using a good microphone in a room with egg cartons or that bumpy foam stuff taped to the walls (stops echos) and then edit back into the video, maybe?

That's pretty much what I did, only we used a bathroom. :P
Thanks for the help!

Does it have a socket for an external mic' or mic's? That would be one way. Otherwise record the audio separately and dub it onto the video. L

Yes, there is a red "MIC" socket next to a yellow "AV OUT" socket. Do you think it would work with the mic in the above image?

Odd, I was never notified that there were answers to my question...

I'm not sure about the mic, but that socket is there so you can connect something better than the built-in mics. It's for exactly this type of situation that the have that feature, see the manufacturer for "accessories" to get an idea of what goes with the camera. L

The jack was much to large for the camera, so we ended up recording in the bathroom. Thanks for the help!


8 years ago

You should be able to drop an off camera mic on your FS10, it has a 3.5mm jack. Or you can use a second camera closer to the subject with a good windscreen over the mic, then layer in the audio in post. I might purchase a shotgun mic in the future if you don't have a timeframe, I wouldn't mind lending it out.

Do you think it will work with the mic in the above image? I am filming tomorrow so I don't think I'd be able to use your shotgun mic, though that would be helpful.