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Increase compression of an engine Answered

I am hoping to find a way to increase the compression of a small.18 radio control engine. I was wondering if applying high temperature epoxy would work because it will go on the sleeve rubbing against the piston or holding aluminum foil with the epoxy. 



Best Answer 6 years ago

No. Neither aluminum foil nor epoxy are any where near being durable enough. There are ways to do it, such as chroming the sleeve bore or getting an oversize piston and milling it to the correct dimensions but these would cost you more than buying a new piston and sleeve.
If you're simply wanting to increase compression, you can mill the head but that is going to require some precision equipment to do the job properly.
If they are available, I'd recommend you just buy a new piston and sleeve or see if you can have the head milled. Talk to your local hobbyist, he can give you the best advice.

Is this a standard 2 stroke kind of engine ? No valves in the head ?

Its a machining job - either cut back the top of the cylinder, or a stretched piston.

It is a 2 stroke methonol engine. Can I steel plate it by clipping the sleeve to -15 volts dc and have a steel object on the posative, all in salt water? It only needs like a mm more in diamiter.

You can't plate steel, you can only plate iron, you can't plate 1mm thickness - more like 0.01 mm maximum - and I don't see how making the DIAMETER bigger will increas your compression ratio.

And the parts are aluminium.


If you're going to do this; do it properly by getting proper replacement parts.