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Increasing the capacity/size of your stomach Answered

How do you do it??? It's my cousin's wedding soon. It's an Indian wedding so many 'events' and therefor lots of varieties of food (yes, it is indian). But what I really need is a bigg'er' stomach to fit it all in.


competitive eating guide

Kobayashi got dethroned last year by someone besting his 63 Nathan's hot dogs. The lady "Black Widow" put in an impressive showing too. I have heard that Indian weddings go on for days with all that feasting. Enjoy!


10 years ago

Your stomach will probably get bigger all on its own, in 10 or 20 years. :-(

i have heard of people drinking large quantities of water in very short periodes of time to help strech their stomachs. im not sure if it works. you will want to add a bit of salt to the water to keep your mineral balance normal (and avoid renal failure)

That explains it, I used to chug 1.5L of water in class most days, 2@ was just a bit much though... All for my version of a woomph bottle...