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Incredible Fuel Economy Jump Answered

Okay - so I recently read this article (Article) about this auto club - the hypermilers.

My lady friend got sick and I had to take her home - we were a 30 minute highway drive away at the time. At the time, I was driving a 2006 Altima (31/24mpg for the mtx drive train).

Applying some of the things mentioned in the aforementioned article, I got a consistent 41.5mpg averaging 50mph and when I parked at home after some city driving and a lot of stop signs - the meter read 40.2mpg! For about 5 minutes on the highway, I was getting 43.4mpg.

Impossible you say? Here's a picture off the dash from last night ;) Mind you, this was with an atx gear box! So those EPA estimates should be lower than what I posted above. Now that's damn near Prius territory for the average everyday stop/go driver with a 2.5L engine :P

At no time did I draft anyone or shut off the engine while en route. AND, I didn't take anything out of the car. There's a road kit, some umbrellas and a case of water bottles :P

So does anyone know where I can buy a meter to measure my fuel economy like this? I found Scangauge but the $170 cost comes with a bit of sticker shock :P Like the article said -- it turns into a game always trying to beat your last high score :P


I'd like to see an added line, where I update the cost of fuel with each fill-up and it tells me how much I'm spending per mile.

My dad's Toyota will display anything between 0 and 99 mpg. It depends upon how the device is set up, with respect to the time period over which mpg is calculated. At 50mph you're probably hitting maximum efficiency. However, your safest bet is the olde-fashioned way of monitoring how much you put in the tank against your recorded milage.

For a 2.5L engine 40+ is good going, fatha's motor would fall in here somewhere:

The engine is also a lazy bastard :P Well, the tranny is geared pretty well - 50mph cruising a tad below 2000rpm. Not bad :P I've kept all of my fuel receipts and recorded the mileage on each since I started driving :P But having instant feedback should help even more. Especially if you have an itch for throttle - just peek at the gauge and see exactly what it's costing you :P