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Independent Reps and Distributers needed NOW! Answered

This is a great opportunity with a 10 year old company, which is blazing trails in the industry! This is NOT a get rich quick scam, or a lousy product that relies on pushy salespeople. I searched for months to find a product of this quality, and I use it myself. All of our products are manufactured in the USA. We are building a great national team. Get on board now! 1) Do you have around $100 to put into a business? 2) Do you like the idea of duplicating, residual income? 3 Do you like to help others, and, will you share an opportunity with them? 4) Do you live in the USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico, or Canada? 5) Would you like to work with an experienced and supportive team, that will help you achieve? 6) Would you like to speak with someone who makes over $5000 a month, and find out how he does it? If you answered yes to all of these questions - and only if you answered yes to ALL of these questions - email me at BioFrequencyNA@aol.com. Include your home phone number. Tell me the best time to call you. I will call you ASAP.



10 years ago

You use AOL for email? dont you have a website, or company email address?