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Indiana Jones Archeological Sand Toys Answered

Does anyone know how to make sand stick together like the archeological sand toys from museums?  I'd like to bury items for a camp and let them dig in their individual sand cakes with popsicle sticks.?



8 years ago

Basically, its just a mixture of clay and sand.
Get a bag of the clay, clumping type kitty litter. Pour some onto a concrete slab, driveway or sidewalk and grind it into a powder with a brick. It doesn't have to be too fine, in fact, a few lumps adds a more realistic texture. Mix it with regular sand and a little water, pack it into the desired shape and then let it dry in the sun or under low heat in an oven.
Experiment with the proportions to get the consistency you want.

Hmm... that's a good one. I'd look at using something like liquid laundry starch diluted with water. You might have to experiment a bit to get the consistency you want, but I bet it would work. Start with 50/50 starch/water and adjust from there.

Probably just a dilute wallpaper glue, then dry gently in an oven, which has the door slightly opened to let the damp air out.

You'll have to experiment.