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Indoor Thermometer - Check temp at home while at work Answered

Hello! I sure hope this qualifies as a Tech category!

I'm looking to build (or possibly buy) an indoor digital thermometer that transmits the temperature information to my computer over the internet. The goal is to be able to check the temperature of my house while I'm at work, or anyplace else with internet access.

Do any of you know of a simple way to build this? Has it been done before?
With temperatures here in Washington DC breaking records this week (over 100F) I'm worried about my pets health at home, and more worried that the a/c will go out while I'm away and I'd never know. This could result in the death of my pets, and I'd love to be able to be informed in time if something were to happen and the temperature rose suddenly (or dipped, in winter).

Help in the right direction is greatly appreciated!


Someone here, if not already, will probably do the twittering house thermometer that tweets the temperature of the house. There should be a way to get the temperatures off of your computer diagnostics, have one probe for the ambient or case temperature and check in on that remotely if the pc is on.

I sure wish I could find whoever had done that! That would be perfect, the twittering house thermometer!

The program "HomeDomination" runs on a PC and can connect to temperature devices. A temperature change (threshold) can be emailed to you by the software.

I checked it out and the price isn't too bad (around what I expected) I just need to research it more to see if it's too complicated for my uses. It seems like an awful lot of complicated programing, but if it's my only option I'll take it. Thanks!!

There is actually a version coming out soon - a HomeDomination junior if you want to think of it that way - that may better fit your needs. I know of it because I have an alpha version. It is simpler, smaller, and in my opinion better. I'm hoping that it will be public in a few weeks.