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Indoor War- What weapons? Answered

I've observed that the majority of people think range (and reliability though this seems to be taken way too seriously) wins wars outdoors. So what would you choose for a weapon if it were indoors with a few walls and corners, tables and other cover, and probably the largest room being no larger than 20x20 meters? Just curious.
I was thinking that for this reason, I'd like to come up with a shotgun. I have an idea floating in my head if anyone wants to hear it as I can't build it for the obvious usual reasons.


I'd just like something that's sturdy and has decent ROF. Suggestions?

ZKAR is very sturdy and it has an EXTREME ROF.

I meant that version. I refer to ZKAR2 as just the ZKAR out of laziness.

Oh no! One more character! *gasp* how would you ever survive? It must be extremely exhausting to move your finger just one more time before moving onto the next word.

ZKAR V2 by far... very impressive gun...

I'm working on something right now actually. It should have decent range, decent RoF, and should be pretty durable. Give me the night and I'll have pictures by tomorrow morning at the latest.

I like a no-stock pump shotgun for a primary or an SMG with a detatchable magazine, Darth-Trainmans slide pistol as a Secondary, and the Actual Working Frag Grenade by Sythe511.

I really don't know what I would choose for an indoor weapon. If anything, it'd be a shotgun (with actual spread <_<) and possibly a MeZak as a backup (switching to your sidearm is faster than reloading).

No, in RL you wouldnt spend 10 seconds reloading, you would pop out your sidearm and pop a cap.

Nah, using a standard 30 round box mag, you would take 5 seconds tops to reload from empty, even if you had to undo a webbing pouch to get at the mags.  Even so, a sidearm is quicker.

Well when you have enemies coming from various directions trying to flank you, its your best bet to grab that pistol. It's going to be a bit more accurate than your m249.

Gah, CoD overload!

Why would you be using a 15kg 7.62mm medium machine gun to clear a building?!?!

I hope not...I hate when reality is compared to video games that are supposed to look realistic.

That would mean the video game is doing a good job of being realistic.

I'll see if I can compare this in a way that you'd understand 100% just to see how I feel. I'm not sure how well this will work.

Imagine if your favorite rapper was in a video game with all of his songs and such. Then some guy comes around online talking about how he just heard him for the first time and keeps addressing him as "Mr Rapalot from _________ . All of his songs were so cool on _______ . I wish they'd make a soundtrack from the game and sell it blah blah.
Bad example but still wouldn't that kind of grind your gears? It kind of spits on the greatness of whoever or whatever by crediting the video game.

This made me laugh; describing something to DJ in a way he'll understand.

It just annoys me when people go around and see a gun and are like, "omg is tat da gu nfrom modrne warffarere 2? I <3 it." (Misspelled on purpose.)

Uhm, they actually make it to where it's clear the characters are from real life.  Take DJ hero for example.  "Featuring Eminem and Jay-Z" would clarify the fact that these are real people and not made up.  But yeah I get your point.

I think SA21 meant the quote: "Switching to your sidearm is faster than reloading.", not necessarily the choice of weapons.


8 years ago

Use a CQC Scar-L. Or an Uzi. Or a P90.Or an MP7. Or a Barret M82 .50 cal sniper rifle.

Mac-10 would probably be better.

I think he meant K'nex, but I'd definitely take a TDI Vector over an Uzi; more stopping power (.45 ACP>9mm Para), faster rate of fire, and much more controllable in automatic fire, which is what you really want in FIBUA.

A barret? I don't think so. XD

You could compare choosing a gun to playing a game of soldier front for the first time. When you first start out you want to find a gun that is easy to use that you are good at controlling and killing with. If you get the wrong gun then most likely you aren't going to like it and you're just going to quit sooner. I thought a nice gun would be the double barrel sawn off shotgun, or KillerK's original pistol.


8 years ago

I think that a dual shot gun that can fire both barrels separately so you can get a second chance at hitting someone without having to reload. For example i have a dual shot gun that i made and i can fire it like a shot gun, in "2 round burst fire", or just fire it how you want.


8 years ago

Ugh. There is no 'all-powerful best weapon' that most people seem to think there is. It all depends on your preference. The gun is only half the equation, the other half is the player him/herself.

Example: many people use TRs at wars, and that suits them just fine. Paul uses a rectangle and has just as much fun as anybody else.

If he is a fertile hermaphrodite he can be a she which is very rare. Therefore it is possible for Paul to be my mother.


8 years ago


I think a TR18 would be good indoor too because of high ROF, it's not to bulky, quite reliable and it has 18 shots