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Indoor heating Answered

I hope this is the correct place to ask some rocket minded guys how we can solve our fridged home problem.

Our 30yr old cottage built with 2 layer perimeter brick and covered with heavy clay tiled roof becomes a freezer in winter.
With restricted use of power as a result of our Govt's poor planning it gets cut at anytime and gas heaters not being safe, is there a simple way to get natural heat other than installing a fireplace at great cost that could heat all rooms?
 B'lieve me guys it's ccold here even with a winter's sun outside, so solar panels or similar would need to absorb heat to distribute it all round and be very costly -  Sunny South Africa not so warm. 



How about a rocket stove ? Can you get stick like fuel for one ?


Hey Bud, Thanks for the suggestion and 'scuse my ignorance, but never heard of such a stove. Do you have a pic or sketch of one?
Could be a marketable item here among our black folk out in the rural areas, like Soweto outskirts.

I was thinking of this idea
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocket_mass_heater for you

There's a link there to Ianto Evan's book on how to make one.

A LOT of the research into them has gone on in SA and other parts of Africa.


Look on this site or even Google for DIY Popcan Solar Heater. Easy to make out of easy to find materials.