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Induction Heating Answered

High frequency induction heating is basically a very efficient way to heat ferrous metals. Induction heating uses an powerful magnetic field to induce currents within the surface of the metal being heated. This means that the coil will not get hot unless the material being heated transfers heat to it. Induction heating is very efficient because no heat is wasted, no heat is wasted because the coil does not produce heat, the heat comes from the workpiece being heated only.


info unlimited has an induction heater you can buy


7 years ago

Check out these YouTube videos, Part 1 through 4 on a Magnetic Induction heater, 50,000 BTU out put at 16.29 amps input 240 volt single phase (3,910 watts)




7 years ago

What do you need to run a coil, does a triple phase 120v outlet work, if so how would I wire it. or do I need a special driver like I have seen in all the how to's.

Ya I am really working on an Instructable for a 180 kHz induction heater right now but I can't really post it until I am done for now I am waiting for the parts from Ebay to come. They should be here next week. My family might actually be getting an induction stove so I can also document that on here. For now I will post an Instructable on how induction heating works.

Hi guys.
I'm Neon John and designer of the induction heater featured at http://www.neon-john.com.  Someone sent me an invite to join this discussion.  Well, I'm here, in case there are any questions.

This is a good opportunity to announce a new higher power and much more reliable open source heater capable of at least 1800 watts.  Read about it here:
http://www.neon-john.net/Induction/Roy/Roy.htm.  Parts kits and completed units are available.

I can be reached at jgd(at)neon-john.com.


 i'm looking for ible or induction heating scheme. do you guys have anything  like that?

Very cool!

You might also check out Neon John's induction heater page--he's got a 1200 watt heater with plans, .pcb files to make your pc board, and a full description of what it's all about.

It's worth a look...

This could be fun. I would like to use induction heating for very small scale metal casting. Could one use the parts from an induction cooker ? That is, if you had one that you could tear apart. Timmo

be careful about the photos you pull off other internet sites, you can get in trouble! i know.

Are you planning some instructable on this or just providing information? They do sell portable induction hot plates that are used to cook with metal pots. Maybe you can show us how to rig one up.

My family may be getting an induction stove so I can take pictures and make videos on that too.

yep, and the metal gets so hot because you feeding a TON of current through the primary, multiply that current by like 20, and that's how much is going through the piece of metal.

Yes the workpiece works just like a shorted out secondary coil in a transformer, and the currents produce tremendous heat.