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Inductor winding? Answered

Once again, I come to you for help. I recently became interested in some kind of 555 device metal detector. The schematic calls for a 10mh inductor. However, my local Ripoffshack doesn't carry inductors, and instead I decided I could make my own. It's just a coil of wire right?

Right, so I have some formulas to find inductance given things like length and width, and I wondered if there's anything I need to be aware of. Does a ferrite core increase inductance? Where can I get a ferrite core? Do I need one? Is there a sweet spot for inductors?

Thanks, Mr. Merino


Ferrite cores make a big difference.

With them, its easy L = Al x n^2 where Al is a property of the core, and n is the number of turns. Rearrange for n.


Dammit, millihenries, not microhenries. I need to redo my calculations too, apparently.