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Injured Frog/Toad what do I do? Answered

The frog/toad looks to be a American toad. It has a best described as a shaved head. It has a hole on the front of it's head that leads into it's mouth. It looks to be missing an eye as well. It seams to have an injured limb on it's front left. It has been alive for over 16 hours, it seams to have gotten better than when we first found it. We have fed it dried blood worms. We have not seen it eat them but they are gone from the make shift enclosure. I am worried that it may not be able to survive in the wild if we release it after it heals. That is if it heals. I just don't know what to do, please help. NOTE the water got the chemicals removed before we put it in there. We also tried to get the grass off of it by using water (again without chemicals) but we couldn't get all of it off.           We found out it has Toad Fly ( I think that is what it is called ). I am so glad It wasn't me who ran it over with a lawnmower the other day. I still feel sad for it though.


Looks like a Common American Toad, although they spawn in water, they are a land animal they prefer a terrarium to live in with a place to hide, wood piles and hollow logs where the food comes to them. They also prefer live food, cricks, worms, ants and beetles.

If he survives he is going to need 6 weeks or more to heal and they eat about there body weight in bugs a week. With amphibians and reptiles they are less susceptible to infection so they can survive massive trauma better than mammals or birds.

The best chance of him surviving is to take him out to a wood pile or hollow log and he will live or not because you might not be able to feed him all winter and I don't think your mother will let you keep in the frige to hibernate all winter. and he will need to be checked on daily.

As a wild animal it will either live or not. Keep it is a suitable environment, quite and where it wont feel threatened. try not to disturb it.

If it is still alive in 48 hours start worrying about how to get food for it.

BUT prepare for the worst.

Good luck if it is still alive, the world needs more people that care about animals like you!

Most humane thing to do would be to put it in the freezer and the next day in the bin.


2 years ago

It's fall now so it's nearing the end of its life anyway. It will not survive. Since it is a cold blooded creature you can humanly dispatch it by putting it in a plastic bag and placing it in the freezer. It looks like it was hit by a lawnmower.