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Injury prone people Answered

Share your scars here! Injury pics are awesome! Are power tools involved? Is glass involved? How about metal? Knives? Beware, I have no control over what people post, there might be some graphic stuff.


BTW, the cabinet has a dent the size of a basketball.

When I was 6 in kindergarten me and a friend were spinning in circles the friend let go, and I ended up literally cracking my head on the corner of a filing cabinet, I cut a main blood vessel, and the Meds said that I lost more than half my blood. They also said they had never seen as much blood in there lives. Oh, and they said they thought I was gonna die. I don't have a picture of it. But, I still have a large scar that you can see through my hair.

I don't have a picture of it, since it was over 32 years ago, but I was prying apart two halves of a vacuum pump (not the motor), and the "screwdriver" slipped and embedded into my left palm at an acute oblique angle for about 1-2 inches of the "blade". I remember not really feeling it to the extent that I should have, and even scrubbed it out (the wound) with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush as the blade was greasy and dirty. Tore a few ligiments that time....

Funny, but I must have gone into a mild form of shock, because it didn't hurt really badly, and even when I scrubbed it out with the alcohol, it didn't hurt very much......it got pretty sore the next day though. :-)

Not to long ago my Dremel tool slipped while I was sanding and took a gouge out of my finger. At least two years ago a Gerber folding knife (recently sharpened) had the liner-lock give and it snapped closed on my thumb, cut me to the bone ... I still have the scar from that one.

Yeah ... the Dremel wound was the most painfull, cause' the sanding bit was hot so it burned me a little too. The incident with the knife didn't actually hurt when I first got cut, it was a couple minutes after I got the blade out of my thumb when it started hurting.

Same with my skinned elbow, I fell off my bike while trying to do a trick(I'm ashamed to admit that it was a bunny hop, and I still cant do wheelies) and tore a chunk out of my elbow, I preemptively yelled in pain but stopped cause it didn't hurt at all, not even when they patched me up. That scar tissue still feels no pain, its quite weird and neat.

Yeah, it's odd how it does that sometimes. Like, one time I burned myself real bad with my woodburner on my middle finger (and I mean REALLY bad) but it barely hurt at all. But other time's I've burned myself it hurt horribly.

Ok, Some I just did, I was cutting hard plastic with a lose razer blade and jamed it into my finger


haha have fun with that. I had a cut WAY deeper than that last week. But it only took a few days to heal. My body heals fast for some unexplanible reason

I dont have any pictures but, about 3 months ago I was putting the broom away in the shed and I knocked a saw of the wall, it cut me from just above the wrist to halfway down my arm, about a millimeter deep except for the part above my wrist that got cut a little bit deeper (by a little bit I mean 4 times deeper) and thats the only part that scared.

Although it still hurts ocasionally,  this one has healed up nicely with minimal scaring :(

Aw jeez...I just looked at all  those pics you posted...you know...they sell steel mesh gloves for people like you... ;)

Err, steel mesh gloves wouldn't be to nice when getting shocked with over 2Kv.

Erm., steel mesh gloves are not recommended when working with electricity, for quite obvious reasons. But they are recommended for use with many knives and other bladed tools..

Truth be told, anyone who wears steel mesh gloves while working with high voltage, or in fact any voltage pretty much deserve what they get, since that would be really quite stupid.

Hehehe, I just cant seem to stay completely uninjured for very long at all.
Hmm, steel mesh gloves might be good. Effective for all sorts of slow,sharp blades, possibly good against hot glue as a heatsink of sorts, but I have my doubts, also cleaning that would suck hard, I'm quite doubtful of powertools though, if it catches, the steel will have no give therby multiplying the effects one would receive from, say cloth gloves.

Point-to-point electrical burn.
I accidentally stuck my hand to close to my new MOT, it arc-d on my hand. Over 2Kv of electricity isn't very fun. it wasn't incapacitating like a tazer, but i couldn't use my hand for probably 3 minutes.


Just slapped my wrist day before yesterday with a brand new blade on my Japanese carpentry saw... yes...slapped...I'm not even sure how, but it was very effective...Very nice 2" long cut, clipped a vein. bled for hours. (actually, for about 36 hours...) Out of work so can't see a doctor. taped the hell out of it once I figured out how to do it with one hand (and mouth) while applying pressure to the wrist. Will have a lovely scar when all is said and done.

First off, ouch that HAD to hurt, if only for a bit. Second, any pictures of the gore?

Ha ha, no pics but a pulled the popper out of a party popper, stuck it in a pen barrell and sealed the back end, shoved a bit of rubber down the front and and fired. When cutting the rubber I cut my finger nail in half, and now it grows in two. When it went bang I was in a tiny room with no carpet so I felt kind of deaf. The back end shot out due to the explosion and left a perfectly circular scar on my right ring finger.

Oooo, show us a picture of your twin fingernails!

I am utterly interested.

Ha ha, it's more or less healed but you can see where it is split all the way down. Will get picture tommorow, promise.

Hot glue guns suck hard. I cant feel this one its so burnt.


I sprained my wrist last Wednesday flying off a mountain bike into a mail box, and got plenty of cuts and scratches. I snapped the old wood mailbox in half.

This is an earlier injury that has healed up is a knife wound I inflicted on my finger