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Ink pen refill...what type of ink to use? Answered

Alright, alright, so I did read some older forums regarding a similar issue, however after attempting some of the suggestions noted on there, I encountered some problems... I am addicted to my Uni-Ball Signo Rt Gel pens (.38) - yeah, that's right - they are freakin' awesome! The problem is that I write the hell out of them, and the refills cost 6 cents cheaper than the pens (which aren't cheap either). So, yeah, I did hunt down my dusty inkjet refill kit, and slip that tiny syringe into my empty cartridge, and successfully loaded it with some ink. My excitement soon dissipated as I began writing... the old .38 writing that it used to have turned into a fatty rolling ball writing the bleed through all of my class notes (just putting out too much). It's obvious that I am simply not using the right type of ink. It seems like it might not be viscous enough? I knew it probably wouldn't work the first time, but seeing how I was able to actually 'refill' the pen myself, there MUST be some ink out there that will bring my pen back to life! Any info on the right type of ink would be great! Thanks ~ pete



10 years ago

This is not a comment on this topic, BUT.. I am desperate to ask a question, but I just cannot find the way to do it! (My question is: how do you open a soft briefcase's combination lock (combi has been lost. Can get to the back of the lock with small screwdriver or pointy tool, though I cannot SEE it)

. I Googled "ink formulation" and it appears that most ink formulae are secrets. :( Found several expensive books.

thanks... guess it's time to pull out the ol' alchemy kit