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Ink that doesn't smear when wet. Answered

When I try to make old looking paper by dying it with tea, the ink smears when it gets wet. What kind of ink should I buy?


laser printer and photocopy ink is water proof.

If your hand drawing or lettering then a good quality India inks should also be water proof - The best way is to specify waterproof when you buy it - that way if it isn't you take it back.

Most ball points are water proof.

A lit of permanent markers are water proof and in my experience dry boar markers on paper or fabric are not just water proof but resistant to all solvents - at lest the wide range I have tried. - Don't ask!.

Still not sure where the dust comes from... The process also doesn't require opening the tea bags. If you think it produces better results, then I would suggest getting and using a tea strainer (meant for loose leaf tea), or just use more than one closed tea bag. You may also want to rinse the paper after you dye it so there isn't any residue to ruin your pens.

Or switch to another drug and use instant coffee instead.

It is usually best to dye the paper first, let dry, and then write or draw on it.

that's what i usually do but the tiny dust left over from my dyeing it ruins my pens :/

How do you get _dust_ from dyeing with tea? You prepare tea, dip paper in it, let it try. Where comes the dust from?

ohhh I busted open the tea bags and put it in a pan of water. It makes it darker in my experience :)