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Innovative Project Ideas? Answered

I want some innovative electronic project ideas which I can make and are useful and not just hobby projects.It may use a microcontroller or it may not use one.


i know java and c#.net

which lang choose to develop project.....(web project)

which one is best

Think of "that thing" you wished you could have as a child. Try to challenge yourself. Make it interesting, fun, and if at all possible a learning experience.

You need to approach this logically - Look around you find a problems that needs solving.

ideally find a problem someone more unfortunate than you has, Possibly a disabled person, Possibly a local charity organization - Ask around

Then set out to solve the problem with the skills you have.

Usefulness depends on you specifically. Things that I find useful you may not. canucksgirl is right this belongs in the Forum.

You should look through the Community Forum sections, especially "Burning Questions", "Tech" and even "Science".

The forums is also a good area to exchange specific ideas and have longer dialogue on a topic.