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Input on building a TARDIS Console bar would be appreciated Answered

My boyfriend and I want to have a Who-themed room party at a sci-fi/linux convention in our area.  We've bounced around the idea of having a TARDIS console bar set up in a corner of the room, so I'd really appreciate ideas for the console that could easily be set up and broken down, as this is  going in a room we only have for a weekend.

Ideas for random gadgets and doo-hickeys, places to have alcohol and the like would be greatly appreciated as well.  So far we know we want to have a quarter or half keg in the center of the console, located behind us.

Leaning towards 10th's design, but might be willing to go for the 11th's more steam punk look.

Also, decorating tips for the room as a whole would be good.  So for we want to make roundels out of foam and stick them to the wall with tack to imitate the 10ths 'desktop theme' and to print a door sized TARDIS door to tack to the door to the hotel room.

The idea behind the party is that the hotel room and the TARDIS have merged, ala Time Crash.


hey two trapzoid tables and a center collum you could use pvc not sure what else but the tardis screensver on a montior and done

I will repost that this there, thank you. :P

you might want to ask this in the answers section of the site you would get more input

plywood and pvc and duct tape work wonders