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Installing Ubuntu on a computer with 160mb of RAM Answered

Hey guys I'm trying to install Ubuntu on a old computer to use as a temperature (the one that chr made) but since it has only got 160mb of RAM it freezes on the first screen for installation Anyother ways to install Ubuntu without it freezing?


You'll need to use the alternate install CD.

Well first off I really suggest getting a few CD-R's just in case, and make sure you get Xubuntu instead of Ubuntu, it is meant for lower performance computers. If you can run XP with 160 MB of RAM, then there's no way you can't run Xubuntu.


make sure it isn't a bad burn

a bad burn means that there could be a bad spot on a disk. (I know frome experience) If there WERE ANY SCRATCHES OR FINGERPRINTS ON THE DISK AND I MEAN ANY you will need to download ubuntu and burn it on a cd

ok, you need to return that cd and get a copy of xUbuntu It is intended for older, less powerful computers

Is the Alternate download for computers with even lower amounts of ram, cause thats what i'm downloading

upgrade the ram? <-there may be a problem with some component, ram, cpu, psu

that might be the only way to save your computer :( what i would do is, try to install windows xp, if it does actually install well, then your computer is fine, but if it fails to install there's something VERY wrong after installing XP try installing ubuntu, if it doesn't work, you've got a bad copy of the OS

I ordered the disk from the ubuntu making place. Where can i get a copy of the installer for windows O/S?

right here-> [http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4396796/Windows_XP_Professional_English_(VLK)_Pirated_Edition_v1.2 ta-da]

you'll need u torent to download and Magic iso to burn the files

Thankyou, If it installs can i get ubuntu to install while windows is running?

Thanks, I've downloaded it but i don't have any blank CD's, if only nero knew they could be formatted

go to almost any store, and you can get some Dollar tree, Costco, Radioshack, Walgrens, etc..

just select everything (in xp) right click, delete, don't actually format those disks, of they will never work again! or just try burning other files on the disk, fill it, then see what nero/ your burining rom tells you

Though doesn't xp require a minimum of 256mb RAM? I wouldn't want to know know how slow that'd be...

XP can run on low ram but it is mighty slow, my other computer has 128mb ram and it is sooo slow ○¿○


9 years ago

the same thing happens to me on vm,even tho i have no free ram when the vm is running at full throttle IT HAS 700 DAMN MEGABYTES OF RAM DAMNIT;DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!