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Instant coffee at home? Answered

So, my sister asked me the other day, can you evaporate water from black coffee, to get crystallized  coffee, i figured she meant something like instant coffee, but more like candy....so how can it be done at home?


Not practical for a home setup, unless you're bored and have oodles of cash on hand.

If you're just interested in getting a psuedo distillate, you could try cold soaking ground bean, then filtering the slurry to separate a psuedo tincture, then allow that to dry out, although I'm not sure how you'd keep it from spoiling or simply off gassing the flavor .

I'd be inclined to soak some other ingredient with the liquid in order to add  the flavor, like sugar.

It will take many experiments to get something satisfactory, so don't expect to get it right at first shot.

Isn't it done by vacuum distillation ? 
Baking coffee would trash the flavour even worse than instant already does.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like it's terribly adaptable to home makers :-(


.  As far as I can tell, the only reasons for all the complicated machinery and special environments is speed and quantity. For small batches, it might work just to let the water evaporate at room temp.

The thought of the final taste makes me <shudder>


A couple of months ago there was programme on television here called "jimmy's food factory", he replicated instant coffee using an electric paint stripper gun to create intense heat and used super strong brewed coffee. I can't recall the exact process, I also tried to find a video but couldn't.

It would be much easier to just use a basic candy recipe and add something like camp coffee to it.