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Instant computer "security" Answered

Browsing NOTCOT today, I came across an interesting "artistic statement" on what to do when the Thought Police decide you've crossed the line from artist to terrorist.

I read it twice before I noticed the author.

Make sure you read the comments there before you start commenting here about how it won't really work.

Yes, young lady, I'm looking at you!



Not sure what the author was trying to accomplish, but if it was humour, it failed.

You have to be in tune with the hipster community to understand. Just let him think it was mission accomplished.

Hmm, how about those military-grade thermite blankets that'll melt through an engine block?

Not quite so innocent-looking as a power drill on your workbench...

Use it as the lining of your asbestos-weave laptop case.

I planned on just placing a thermite charge on my hard drive, then fanangling something to allow me to ignite it easily.

Thermite charge going POP in your lap when you accidentally hit Ctrl+Shift+Thermite.... Well, at least it keeps you from making any more Texans.

and the bank didn't have any interest for his deposits.

>rolls eyes<

That IS funny, though. :D