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Instruct a wave. Answered

Instructables can be much better. Powered by google wave.

after i get my server set up with google wave i will try to help instructables by building extentions to help the whole thing work.

Installing instructable found @ https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-install-Google-Wave-to-your-server/
first instructables would need to install the wave extention to openfire and send me an email at james@jamesm.com.au when thats done for me to start working, making extentions.
Installing instructable found @ https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-install-Google-Wave-to-your-server/

Rossy, translater,
spelly, spell checker,
bloggy, alows waves to be on https://blog.instructables.com/ blog? please can still use wave,

robots i will make:
Sally, alows people to sell there projects using paypal, not made yet, hard,
instructables robot, will be a hidden group that would include the robots above, hardest

extentions i will make:
JW, uploads video(mp4, flv, avi, ect), music(mp3, avi, wav, ect), images(jpeg, jpg, gif, ect), not yet, easy,
swf view, alow swf files to be shown on instructables, not yet, easy

will this disable instructables for a little lime? NO, to annoying.
will we need to resumbit our instructables? NO that would take forever, robots job.
what would instructables like this for? NO SLOW FLASH, faster to load, interactivity, save space

Addsence will be getting instructables more $$ by more users.
members can make group projects.
members in an area can organize an event. eg maker-fair (please come to australia)
members can add any files into waves. (some files may need a new extention just made for them)

I will be updating this alot when I think of more so come back soon.

Extentions found:
Canvas -- bad when i saw this -- vectoreditor -- this has a little prob with text.
like/dislike, html_gadget.

Extentions i'm working on:
JW player uploads and plays videos. (still needing some more development)
Bot_protecter. simple editable div can not be recorded by bots eg. email addresses. (NOSPAM WAHOO)

i will add all the xml files to a wave for me to create installers and add them stright into the instructable robot i am also working on.

How will the gadgets be called without the xml file to add manualy?
ok so if i can i will alow the instructable robot to change [canvas] [video] [like] [html] into the gadgets. the video first ask for a file and then embed that video with the jw player and lisenced if donations go towards that later in this project. and for the bot_protecter it will just pick up email address and add them into the safe gadget i made or get called by [safe]. theese can be shown as plain text by {canvas} that will show as [canvas].

if you want to see what some gadgets are goto http://jamesm.com.au/blog/ just remember that you neeed an account untill they alow guests to look at waves it is a smart way to embed the waves that i will make better when i can and this is not installedd on my server because i need to update the java.

cheers and happy waven.


You don't believe that any of the admin team have ever heard of Google Wave then?


i think they may of but what im realy getting at is i want to help install it and make extentions too.

That's a generous offer. I'd get it installed and running first so you can show what you're offering first?


ok so have you seen my instructable on hoe to install it if not search for "how to install google wave" and once you have done that at wave.instructables.com i will try to make some robots and extentions perfect for instructables.

please contact me at james@jamesm.com.au as soon at you have installed it..

cheers and thank you for helping me with this...

That's Google's instruction, I meant to have it installed on your machine and replace the jamesm.com.au site with a Wave enhanced one. I'm quite sure I don't have a server to install this on.


ok so i am am working on two extentions.

JW player embeder --  alows people to upload and play there vids.
DeadBot -- Alows emails and other protected text to never get picked up by gadgets.

oh well i cant install it on my server at this point it time untill i update the java.

goto http:jamesm.com.au/blog/ to see a wave embed. you need a google wave sandbox account to see the wave inside and see the colours i have choosen.

i plan to help instructables look somewhat like that link but i will need to work on the sidebar and changing the contents of the waveframes.
 the sidebar will look somewhat like instructables now.

when i finish my little test for this i will nag my dad to update the java so i can embed my own waves from my site.

my new waves will be comming from http://wave.jamesm.com.au/ and will be seen on http://jamesm.com.au/ looking like the other page i said before.

THE INSTALLING INSTRUCTABLE IS HERE https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-install-Google-Wave-to-your-server/

"IMPORTANT. I am NOT trying to take over instructables. so please dont ask me that."

In that case, this would be more appropriately dealt with as a PM to Ewilhelm.