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Instructablart Answered

I thought It would be fun to have a thread dedicated to instructable related art, like the robot's long lost cousins thread but encompassing all the different bits of instructablart out there, yes my name for it is prounounced IN-STRUCT-A-BLART that's it spelt phoenetically (kind of)

There are a lot of things out there, including many members avatars, If they were all posted here an album could be made for them (I'd even host it)

That's only the start and is inspired by whatsisfaces additions to the robot family...

I figured the guitar would be orange and black looked better with it


i think the poster of this forum needs to post the original picture

I do indeed I couldn't get a decent sized one so I got a bad one, sized it up and redrew it in photshop, it was to low quality to get a good colour from so I guessed it all...

Einstein Bot!

Courtesy of Whatsisface


Chaoscampbell did mine.


You mean paint as in the program, or real life? I plan to do that (real life) as soon as I'm done with my current one.

Cool but a full size image would be way better (it looks to have been made up from a downsized image and the dog one but maybe I'm wrong...

Nice I like your ideas, wait till ya see the monstrosity of marketing coming for the instructables team next.

I told my boyfriend earlier that I'd like so someday dress the robot as a kitty and make it my avatar. Best robot ever? I think so!

Nice job, I like that image. Here's a couple I have. The first image has work done by chaoscampbell and whatisface.

gorillazmiko].jpgelectril tears.jpg

I think that robot could do so much more aswell as play a guitar with KFC buckets on his head, He light even be able to do all that while skydiving,

He's supposed to look like Buckethead. :-) Have you made one besides the one in this forum, it looks cool!

I have a few half done ones kicking about my photoshop workspace... I have a habit of getting bored and doing this, damn i forgot to add his mask for the last one...

one boring day with paint

7up robot.jpg

Lol the takeover has begun... I couldn't find a nice image anywhere so drew mine from scratch in photoshop with another robot for features and stuff to match.

there's a forum somewhere that the instructab les robot posted that has highquality robot pictures.